I know these finds are soooo late but nobody posted them, so I thought 'why not'.
WHAT?? Almost a year since it was released!? :O ...I am in SHOCK! Time does fly by so fast.
Ok back to reality!
On November 18th last year SNSD released their album "The Boys".
Anyone remember the 9 days marathon with SNSD "The Boys" jewelry?
If not, click here to refresh your memory :D

I really love the outfits worn in this MV, and as we previously mentioned, most of the outfits are custom made by Thestudiok, who also designed the stage outfits. For me, they were the best stage outfits last year. I remember exitedly waiting for another appearance on music programs just to see the outfits :D
But, not all of them are from Thestudiok :P 

Sooyoung wore the Owl print t-shirt from Johnny Hates Jazz

And for their concept photos Seohyun wore a dress that was also from Johnny Hates Jazz. I couldn't find a better photo of the dress :( This is apparently from a movie poster or something like that.

No buylink for either of them :(

Look forward for another SNSD "The Boys" post :D


Credits:SMent,Johnny hates jazz

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