Big Bang and the Galaxy

Isn't it ironic how Big Bang seems to be ambassadors for Samsung's Galaxy series
Think about it: The big bang created our galaxy, right? xD In my opinion it's kinda funny (maybe the PR people of Samsung thought it was funny also and thus decided on Big Bang as their ambassadors). 
Anyways, no matter what, Big Bang attended a Samsung Galaxy event of some sort ~ YG Ent. had pictures from the event uploaded to Big Bang's official Facebook :) 
This is where my finds come in!

TOP is wearing a shirt from Korean brand 8Seconds. It's becoming rapidly more and more popular with K-pop idols it seems! SHINee Taemin was seen wearing this earlier also ~
pretty fair price I'd say :) Especially if we compare to the next find.

The other find would be this: Taeyang wearing a T-shirt from Givenchy. This has been worn by B2ST Doojoon also (more than once actually haha xD) and I'm pretty sure I've seen another member of B2ST (don't remember who exactly, but something tells me it was Dongwoon) wearing this ^__^ 
This shirt is pretty popular it seems 'cause it's sold out almost everywhere. The best thing I can do for you, is to give you a link where you can subscribe to getting an email notice when this is back in stock. Back to the price: 335$! So expensive o__o but hey, it's Givenchy - it's supposed to be expensive xD

Ninillie ~

Credits: YG Ent. and Big Bang's official Facebook, Givenchy, 8Seconds

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