Be mine Juliette

Who likes the title? Anyone?Somebody?..........Nobody? :))
So here we are with INFINITE's visual L and SHINee's dancing machine Taemin :D .
 They are both wearing shirts from the Korean brand 8seconds. It's a really popular brand among K-pop idols! These shirts don't have a name, only letters and numbers, such as SB2S828C3. So, I will name them. I dub the first one "the flowery shirt", and the second one "the dotted shirt" (very creative names...not ).

INFINITE's L wore the flowery shirt on September 8 when they appeared on MTV Japan :D. It seems that they're becoming really popular!!

Taemin wore the dotted shirt on August 24 at the MCM Lauching Event. He also wore a purple backpack from a brand that you will never guess . I know you already recognized that it's a MCM backpack.
> MCM is for backpacks as Joyrich is for clothing and as Mzuu is for jewelry, meaning very popular among K-pop idols. Taemin's date (don't be jealous), the teddy bear, also wore a purse for MCM... lucky teddy bear! ~it seems that teddy bears rule the K-pop world; first Kara's Hara and now Taemin  >.<

Unfortunately, no buylink for the shirt, but you can see here that the shirts are from 8seconds.
Buy the backpack here for 555,000 won and get the purse here for 695,000 won

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