Wonder Girls got new members?

Oh my how I hate to rely on fancams only when it comes to getting good pictures of a find. Almost all the time the picture comes out crappy. Sighs.

Anyways ~ this isn't about fancams, but about a fashion find! I've been running really low on finds lately, and I'm trying to check if our readers are interested in some "get the look" posts, because I'll gladly make some to make up for my lack of finds :). Since I've been running low on finds, this came to me as a rather pleasant find, even though it was pure accident/luck that I found my way to it!

JYP Nation just had their annual concerts in Korea and Japan I wish I could attend And of course all the artists performed many of their hits. One song that was performed was Wonder Girls' "Like This" but because it's JYP Nation's Concert and not Wonder Girls' solo concert, they teamed up with Miss A JYP Girls all together woohoo! for their performance! This is where my find comes in ~

Miss A's Fei wore a cropped t-shirt from Fleamadonna called Mad Half Top ~ As you can see there are two versions of this one ~ Fei is obviously wearing the white/black striped version :)
Since it's from an old collection, it's sold out. Even finding a picture of it was hard actually!

Bonus: you can watch the performance here ~

Ninilllie ~

credits: Fleamadonna, JYP Ent., fancam as tagged

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