SHINee for Etude House!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts and updates on this blog, but all writers are currently busy with their personal lives...For me that means college applications and a lot of problems with various unfortunate happenings. Then again who am I to excuse? Sorry.
Another thing I want to apologize for, is how much Givenchy I've been posting lately. It's really not my fault that it's a super popular brand among K-pop stars. XD

So as you have probably guessed by now, this post contains another Givenchy find. And if you read the title, you'll also realize it involves SHINee ~
This find literally popped up in my face because I'm obsessed with Etude House. Thus I follow their Facebook ever since I went to one of their shops in Seoul last year. The current models for Etude House are 2NE1's Dara and the boys of SHINee. And for their newest mascara they went for a doll-themed commercial ~ Etude House released a behind-the-set video of SHINee and Dara, recording voice-overs for the upcoming CM. And thus, I spotted Jonghyun and Taemin wearing something easily recognizable for me ^___^

Taemin is wearing nothing less than a band t-shirt. This particular one is from David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane" album ~ this is a limited print, it seems, and is part of the official merchandise. Buy it here for 11.95£ (yes! this is one of the t-shirts which is available for a reasonable price!!)

Jonghyun is wearing a shirt from Givenchy (I suspect him for favoring this brand over many others lol). To be more exact he's wearing the Rottweiler and flower print t-shirt. You could get it here, but since it's out of season, it's sold out. You can always try E-bay though.

And as a lilttle extra for our dear readers - a bonus screen cap I got for making this post! 
(click for larger pic)

credits: Mr. Porter, Electric T-shirts, SM Ent., Etude House

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