Seo Inyoung is back!

Solo singer Seo Inyoung is back with a rather good song, if you ask me. Her new song is called 'Anymore' and is worth listening to ~
Even though I hesitated to listen to her new song, I ran into it by accident today and stopped to listen and watch. And before I knew of it, I was looking for finds which happens automatically actually haha. So here is a rather easy find. 

The tank top here is from Joyrich and is called Rich Jersey Tank. At first I thought her shorts were also from Joyrich, but then I realized that they're slightly different from Joyrich's Stars and Stripes shorts.
You can get the tank top here for 92,000 won. 

This one was a lucky find ~ At first when I saw the MV I read the 'CH' on this beanie as 'CD' thus thinking Christian Dior. Then I became confused because I couldn't remember Dior making ANYTHING like this hahaha. Then while making the G-dragon posts, I saw a picture of Chrome Hearts' beanie and realized it was the same as the one Inyoung wore!! So lucky ~ 
Sadly I do not have a buy link. If you have any decent buy link, please tell us  :)

Ninillie ~

Credits: Seo Inyoung's company, Joyrich, Chrome Hearts

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