Miss A is in the studio also!

Seems like producer Joo Yonghoon is busy for the time being! He has been in the studio with both Teen Top AND Miss A! Exactly what is going on? What are they recording? I'm so curious now! *insert SHINee Sherlock*. Lately I've posted a handfull of Miss A finds, and this is, if you haven't figured out, also about Miss A! To be more exact, it's a Min find.

She's is wearing a hoodie from Joyrich with a print called Cool Chapel, which consists of cupids wearing something as odd, for cupids at least, as sunglasses! I actually think this hoodie is super cute even though I like the white version more. If you like this hoodie also, you can get it here for 189,000 won. There's also a jacket version of this, but Min is wearing the hoodie (you can actually see the hood if you look closely).

Ninillie ~ 

credits: JYP Ent., Naver.co.kr for picture, Zozotown, Joyrich, Joo Yonghoon's Twitter (?)

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