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Tip by Morningowls

I'm not positive on the status of this picture since it's the one I was provided with, I'm pretty sure K'aura does not allow editing of any sort. I am thus not editing our logo into this photo. That does not mean you can take without credit. If you indeed find this here, please CREDIT US (and Morningowls) PROPERLY FOR THE FIND.

I got a pretty lengthy email to my personal account so...

Please read all bolded text!

At Incheon on the way to Thailand on July 27th (2012)EXO-K's Kai wore Customellow's alley t-shirt.

You can get it here.

My friend Annie also gave me a heads up on his pants which were requested by Jimena!

Kai also sported Tokio Plus Alpha's Wrappen patch washing pants in dark blue.

I present you with an indastyle buylink here.

I need to talk briefly about EXO finds. I know lots of you guys are EXO fans, and I am too. However, I also know that there are tons of very active EXO fashion sites. I must stress that we do not intentionally copy finds of any sort. If we post something that has been previously posted, we probably don't know about it and found it or were tipped previously. If we have seen a find done by another site, we will not post it. I am unfortunately, not watching EXO like a hawk so I'm a tad bit slower than others may be but I assure you that all posts are found by ourselves or tipped by readers.

We at kworldstyle do our best to focus on groups that don't have huge established sites posting solely their fashion items. EXO is beginning to fall under this category. I will put my all into posting their MV clothing, but if you want airport fashion or event fashion of a piece in particular, I highly suggest that you file a request under our requests tab here. Thank you!


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