How could I miss this?

*All seriously* "How could this find have missed my eye??"
1: I like this brand.
2: I like this group.
3: This groups and a lot of idols like this brand.
 The only reason I can see why I missed this find, is because it's a ladies' shirt. The man who wears it isn't very girly at least not in my eyes. But anyways, I'm here with this find now, because it is requested. :)

So... what is all this "mess" about? Well, it's about B2ST's leader Doojoon and a find from their latest MV "Beautiful Night".

This T-shirt is from Givenchy and is, as far as I can see, simply called Embroidered Shirt.
It is slightly modified by stylists. I bet it's because of the sleeves which I highly doubt Doojoon can fit his broad shoulders into. Remember; it's a ladies' shirt after all but also it looks cooler as a tank top! If you have 490$ to spend on a T-shirt, then you can get it here. And that's with 50% off. Yes, European high end-brands are the World's most expensive.

Ninillie ~

Credits: CUBE Ent., Givenchy,

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