hands up and off!

It's up to you whether the "hands off" part is directed towards Sohee or towards Junsu ~ hehe!

JYP Nation held their annual concert yesterday (4th of august), and in connection to that, JYPE released some pictures of the artists practicing to the big concert! One thing that caught my eye was one particular photo of Wonder Girl's Sohee and 2PM Junsu ~  I really wanted to find Sohee's t-shirt, but I only knew Junsu's...This blog doesn't have enough 2PM anyways hahaha! ^^

Yup ~ I'm being eagel-eyed again... :P finding something from only a little details! XD
This T-shirt if from Givenchy and is part of their 2010 collection! The print is called "scarf print" and is sadly sold out because it's 2 seasons old now :(. 
I could say A LOT about how typically this is of his style, but I won't ~ hehe. 

OMG I'm the first one to post on Junsu on here?!

credits: Givenchy, JYP Ent.

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