GD is one of a kind with many finds: Chanel Edition

I'm going on with the G-dragon finds! :D 
This time, I'll go through the Chanel items used in his newest MV 'One of a Kind'. Check my previous post for many Chrome Hearts finds from the same MV.

This is the most odd finds I'll probably EVER do! Seriously...Tennis equipment? xD G-dragon, you're so original ~ (no sarcasm intended)

In his "I crash everything with my tennis-skills" scene, G-dragon wore a whole lotta Chanel! First thing that caught my eye was the Camillia Brooch. Second thing was the sweatbands, which I couldn't find a picture of in the correct version. I only found pictures of the lace wristbands, but it's better than nothing I guess. 
Lastly there's his tennis equipment. The racket is retro with wood effect and the tennis ball is just a set of tennis balls with the Chanel signature on it. 
If it wasn't because I adore Chanel a lot I would have thought these items was just knock-offs, but they're real Chanel items! :)
Pretty sure the T-shirt and shoes are from Chanel also, but couldn't find either anywhere.

Lastly there's these adorable black and white suspenders, also from Chanel. This version is hard to find because it appears to be a vintage version, but you can get the ordinary black and white version from time to time on Ebay and likely sites.

Ninillie ~ 

credits: Chanel, YG Ent.

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