GD is one of a kind with many finds: Chrome Hearts Edition

The title almost rhymes...Almost haha xD
G-Dragon is back with a solo-song! His new song is called 'One of a Kind' and was just released earlier today! My Photoshop is OVERFLOWING with pictures of finds from this MV. I swear!
Lets just get over with it, I've been working on finds since noon and it's 9PM at my place now...Yeah I'm pretty tired of looking at clothes for today hahaha.

First of, let's just say there's A LOT of Chrome Hearts in this MV. I'll start with the belt.

From Chrome Hearts. Available here at Rakuten for a little more than 206,000 yen

Next up is this tank top. It's a modified T-shirt from Chrome Hearts. The stylists cut off the sleeves transforming it from a T-shirt to a tank top.

Lastly there's a whole bunch of jewelry and accessories! Rings and necklaces and I don't know what not in abundance!! xD 

These are only the accessories I was 100% sure about! there's some rings I was in doubt about (the gold rings among some necklaces I couldn't see clearly enough). The watch is from Chrome Hearts feat. Rolex and you can get this rather pricey watch here for 850,000 yen.

The leather bracelet was a bit tricky since the flowers (yes, they're called flowers!) are different. But maybe GD is wearing a more recent edition I don't know about or he got a custom made bracelet from Chrome Hearts - both options highly possible. Anyways you can get Chrome Hearts' leather bracelet here for 225.99$

The small/thin rings are, not surprisingly, also from Chrome Hearts. GD is wearing two of them and they're called Scroll Band Rings and is priced at 165.99$

Lastly there's the Silver Bangles, also from Chrome Hearts. I don't have a buy link for these.

This have been pointed out a couple of times to me, and honestly I was slightly aware of it when I made this post. Chrome Hearts does not have an official online store! The products in the english links might be fake. They might be real also, but they're NOT from the official store since Chrome Hearts only have physical stores. In case these products are indeed fake, I do not in ANY way encourage you to buy them - it's a rip off of others' hard work! 
I apologize the confusion and slight error.

Ninillie ~

Credits: YG Ent., Chrome Hearts, Rolex, Rakuten,

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