GD is one of a kind with many finds: The left-overs edition

Finally my last post with 'One of a Kind' finds! :D 
This is the last post with finds from G-dragon's newest solo comeback, 'One of a Kind'! Please check out the other posts if you haven't seen them yet ~

This last post is finds of different brands, which I have found in the MV. 

I was quite surprised to see G-dragon wear this, but since I'm starting to like this brand a lot, I was kinda thrilled :) 
This sweater is from a brand called Wildfox Couture and is called Lennon Sparkly Skeleton Sweater - you can get this (and other Wildfox items) here on Dolls Kill for 176$

And hey, seriously, there was the most cuddly bear cub in this MV!! Just look at it! :D

On to next find! Hahaha don't get too distracted! :P

In one scene G-dragon is wearing Converse All Stars Hi Top Plaid sneakers in the colourway red. I could only find a picture of the blue/purple colourway. I don't have a buy link for these.

In the end fellow Big Bang member Taeyang had a surprise cameo appearance. I was a bit confused about it, but it was pretty nice somehow. Especially considering how this screen cap makes it look like he is dancing SNSD's Gee
Taeyang is wearing a stylist modified version of Givenchy's newest edition of their almost iconic Rottweiler T-shirt. You can get it here for 300$

EDIT: Look what I just found in the ladies' collection from Givenchy ~
It's the Rottweiler Crystal Accent Sweater (why call this a sweater, Givenchy? It's obviously a T-shirt)

And now there's only one thing I want to say. 
A couple of days ago somebody said in our chatbox that we're not good enough. Well, I've been working almost non-stop on finds for almost 10 hours...There are so many posts waiting to be posted, which all I have written today. If working for 10 hours without getting one single penny or anything else, if that's "not good enough" then I have no idea what good enough is! I just want to remind all our readers that we're doing this for fun and that we do not get paid >_< And we also have our separate lives going on with school and work and families...So please, if you do get annoyed by us not posting billions of posts every single day, then think twice before you say that we're not good enough because it kinda hurts when people tell us that we're not good enough even though we all put SO much hard work into running K-worldstyle.

And lastly; Thank you SO MUCH for your support <3

Ninillie ~

credits:, Givenchy, Wildfox, Dolls kill, Converse, YG Ent.

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