Da Pants Can Speak For Themselves

This item was frequently requested by many people. They were the pants  SHINee's Taemin wore on 120518 at Incheon Airport going to LA and there too. The hoodie he wore we posted about it here.

click for enlargement and details

Let's start off by saying the jeans for women and you can see they are different shades...No problem as the pattern matches. :) At closer details it features two zippers on the left and one on the right.
Now on to the good part, the company that makes these jeans is called Egoist.  No specific name is given this style but a jumble of letters and numbers - EC2DP538WH. They are available on the Korean site Aiolimall for 198 000 Won here. If you want more details, click the link also. Currently, we cannot find a color match, if you do please leave a comment. That will be much appreciated. 

Also, Taeyeon wore the shorts version of these pants.

Credits: Requester for the image of Taemin, Egoist

Maria :D

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