B2ST meets B2UTY

OMG ! My niece spilled a glass of juice over my laptop O__O! my sister didn't say it to me and she didn't clean my laptop!! It totally died on me and I had a nervous break down...luckily my mom thought that maybe if she put it out in the baking sun for a couple of hours, it would save it just a bit. IT WORKED! Now it seems like nothing happened, except my spacebar and V-button is a little bit stuck. 

I wanted to post this yesterday, but see above to understand why I didn't.

I'm sorry for my lack of finds lately but it seems that the whole world is a little too focused on the Olympics and thus everything else quiets down a bit.
B2ST had a comeback not long ago! I've been looking forward to seeing them again ~
So following their comeback, B2ST had a fansigning event a couple of days ago and I spotted some things I recognized ^__^

Gikwang is wearing a a t-shirt from Givenchy's A/W 2012 collection in the Shark Bone Crest print. I've seen him wearing this on selcams and at a radio show ~

Maknae Dongwoon is wearing an awesomely cool shirt from Lick My Legs in the print Lick or Die ~ I've had my eyes on this one for a looooong time and just waited for somebody to wear it! Thanks Dongwoon ~

I thought Junhyung wore a t-shirt from Givenchy also, but I couldn't find it >__<

Sadly I don't have good buylink for Gikwang's shirt. Only Ebay links and such, and I don't want to give you links to shops I personally don't trust that much ^___^ 

credits: Givenchy, Lick My Legs, CUBE Ent.

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