Touring 2NE1

Really! I've been busy with applying for college/university and I had no finds right at hand!
But now I'm back in the game with some rather simple finds. And with my pink watermark hahaha.
2NE1 is promoting their upcoming 2012 New Evolution 1st World Tour (or for short 2NE1 - ooooh ~ did you see that? XD) so I snatched up some simple finds ~

Dara: Jeremy Scott maxi multicolored keyboard dress + see-through peace t-shirt

CL: Jeremy Scott Unicorn single shoulder top

Bom: Jeremy Scott single shoulder browser windows dress

and finally Minzy: Jeremy Scott cool smiley top + Bart Simpson shorts. I wanted this to be a skirt or at least just not these shorts, but it's the only bottom item with this design apparently...Tell me in a comment if it's just me who missed out on something :)

So...not surprisingly they all wore Jeremy Scott. But hey, they know him personally, so why not ~

credits: Jeremy Scott, YG Ent., YGEX, 2NE1's Youtube

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