Flower-power Junhyung!

B2ST is coming back very soon! Teasers have been released and I couldn't help but to spot some finds (most of them am I saving until I have time to look at the MV for "Midnight" ~). Anyways, one find from the newly released album teaser photos caught my eye. Seriously, how couldn't it have done so? Hahaha!

For Dongwoon, Doojoon and Junhyungs teaser photo, Junhyung wore this super eye-catching set from Asish and his 2011 S/S collection. F(x) have worn items from this collection in their "Electric Shock" MV, if it seems familiar.
I don't have a link for the pants, but I have a sold out link for the jacket right here. It's very VERY expensive, so I don't think many of you would actually want to buy it if it was in stock. 

credits: Ashish, Vogue.co.uk, Polywore, CUBE Ent.

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