EXO Compilation

I need to start off this post with some disclaimers. I know our readers love EXO and I do too. EXO fansites have really heavy ruling on editing of their pictures. Unless I have official facebook, weibo, or news sources for images, I'm put at a pretty confusing point. I'm going to do my best but occasionally I cannot edit the image; I'll just have to put individual pictures.

 We'll see how things go. We want to respect the fansite rules yes?

I'm also sorry these are so late.

So we begin...

At the Pop magazine photoshoot, EXO-M's Luhan sported Desigual's SWEAK regular fit tee.
Purchasable here for $53.10.

I like Desigual a lot so while I was in Madrid, I bought a lot.

EXO-M's Lay also wore Desigual's ELBAMBI slim fit shirt.
Purchasable here for $89.10.

Lastly, EXO-M's Xiumin wore Antony Morato's Large studded printed t-shirt.
Here for 31.50 Euros.

An obvious brand but had to post these horrendous things.

At the Corso Cosmo Girl event on June 7th (2012), EXO-K's Kai wore Codes Combine's gladiator sandals in white.
I have the black version in the image.
Buylink here. (Thank you to my friend Annie for the buylink).

On July 4th, 2012 at Incheon Airport, EXO-K's Sehun wore Cheap Monday's Independence Grey Tee.I have no buylink, but here's a link for more info on the collection here. Please comment if you have a buylink.

I'm limited by the tag character limit so that's all for now! 
Note:  If you want anything specific from EXO or any other artist, please file a request under the requests tab in the correct format. Specifically when it comes to EXO - I probably already know where it's from.


Credits: Desigual, Pop magazine (for images), OSEN (for images), fuckyeahsehun @ tumblr (for images), Codes Combine, lotteimall (for buylink), Cheap Monday, Antony Morato, Annie
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