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Electric Shock f(8)

Whoo! More!

I'm trying to round out the rest of the f(x) finds. Unfortunately, as of late I'm stuck on a bit of an f(x) EXO rut, can't seem to find much for other groups. For now I guess this is sufficient but I'll try to branch out more.

In the Electric Shock Music Video, f(x)'s Victoria wore Helen Steele's S/S 2012 Fallopian Tube T-shirt.

I have no valid buylink. Please comment if you have one.

Also, Sulli wore Helen Steele's Cherry tee from her S/S 2012 collection.

Again, no valid buylink. Please provide in the comments if you have one.

In the Electric Shock Album photos, Amber wore Helen Steele's S/S 2012 Blue Bark tee.

I have no buylink for this one either. Please comment if you have one.

At their July 5th Mnet M! Countdown performance, f(x)'s Victoria wore Helen Steele's S/S 2012 Peacock tee.

I have a buylink for this one! Here you go~

At Music Bank in Hong Kong on June 23rd (2012), Victoria also sported Unbounded AWE's Elewood top.

You can get it here.

At the same event, Sulli wore Mimicawe's Keki top in pink.

Get it here.


Credits: Helen Steele, Kwinconceptshop, welovevictoria @ tumblr (for images), Mnet, Sment, laykuni shop, sulliblossom @wordpress (for images)

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