Arriving to Music Bank in Style

Let's go back to Twinkle Twinkle days. This post involves Tiffany's style arriving at Music Bank on 120511

Let's start from head to toe. 
The hoodie that covers Tiffany's red hair is by Étoile Isabel Marant.
It is currently on sale with the name Big Zip Hoodie for 239$ here at Barney'sNext up her bag is an Adidas Originals piece. It is also on sale. Buy ithere for 18 pounds  with the name Patch Star Holdall bag. Sadly, the t-shirt remain unidentified. However her jeans are Siwy Rose skinny jeans. It is available at shopbop for 163$ here. Finally, her shoes. They are by the well known brand - Ash. Them babies are half wedges and half sneakers. Currently available to buy here at asos for 230$ with the name Bowie.

A little French lesson. Étoile means star in French.

Credits: tumblr, asos, Barney's, shopbop, Adidas

Maria :D
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