2AM Rottweiler

A more or less rare 2AM find! I'm trying to get more JYP Nation finds here on this blog ~ This is a slightly old find I dug out from my folders. I'm posting it with the more or less only purpose of posting something...and me being out of finds currently makes me seek different solutions! XD

Earlier in the spring time, Jinwoon posted this picture of fellow 2AM member Seulong. The original purpose of the picture was to prove that they have bought a set of K-pop cards and randomly got their own card. But I saw something else - Seulong's sweater to be more exact! The only 2AM member never posted here is Jinwoon??

The sweater he's wearing is from Givenchy and is with one of the Givenchy-prints which I see a lot in the K-pop world;  the rottweiler.
Here's a sold out link. The only one I have :(

credits: Jinwoon's Twitter, Givenchy

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