Sunny got an extra set of eyes!

Request by: Annie

Another request fulfilled :) I'm trying to dig my way through the requests and it's currently going pretty well I think. 
I honestly have no idea where this was worn, but I think it might be in an episode of Invincible Youth 2. It's from some sort of TV show at least. 
Back to the find! This is a Girls Generation Sunny find ~ a rather easy one (for me). Wherever this was worn, this is a fitted cap from Korean brand Elstinko. They're often seen on many K-pop idols. Maybe because of the brand's cute and quirky style. 

If you want this, you could get it here on Hatson, but sadly it's sold out in both this version and the pink version. But if you're satisfied with something likely, then check out Elstinko's other caps. It's the best I can do for this one >__<" 

credits: SM Ent., Hatson, Elstinko

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