some SHINee tips!

Well ehm yes...I'm gonna leave the tips-banners to Koko ~ that's her thing, not exactly mine teehee ^__^"  
So I got access to the tips so that I can do some of them, since I have nothing else to do anyways. There are SO MANY tips it's CRAZY! o__o I'm amazed! Seriously!

As already mentioned, this tip is From Nadya ~ and it's a SHINee find. 
I hope people don't think this is too outdated, but I picked this tip out first because there are SO many EXO tips and we already have so many Exo finds posted. Thus I decided to go for this one because it's not EXO :P  
In the Japanese version of Juliette, Jonghyun wore a tank top from Warriors of Radness from the 2011 S/S collection. 

awww ~ look at his smile! So cute (no, I'm actually not Jonghyun biased when it comes to SHINee). He's like a huge kid! BACK ON TOPIC! if you want this top I have to disappoint you a bit. Since it's last season, it's sold out. But you can get the grey version here. The dude from the look-book (him at the bottom) destroys the cuteness a bit though xD

In the same MV (actually it's a PV since it's in Japan....nevermind that~) Onew wore some pants from the same brand and collection.  
They really stayed kinda true to the zebra print here, those stylists. 

I'm amazed by how they manage to make turquoise and pink/red look good together...really. If you want these pants you can get them here.

aaaand as a little bonus, while we're on the topic "SHINee in Japan" anyways, here's a bonus, also tipped by Nadya!

In the Japanese version of Lucifer, Key wore some eye-catching blue shoes. Those are from KTZ and their 2010 A/W collection! This sadly also means they're way out of season and nowhere to be found for sale anymore :( KTZ wasn't even that popular in 2010, it seems, so that makes it even harder >__<"

I got told that somebody might have requested these? Well, requested or not - here they are :)

credits: SM Ent., KTZ, Warriors of Radness,

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