SHINee's Airport Style

Some airport fashions from lovely tippers.

The tip by Jenae is also a request by Sareena. Thanks to both of you. 

The request and tip of Shinee's Onew's tee at Incheon airport on 120608. If you want to purchase this tee shirt, it is available here for 30 pounds. It is called Lazy Oaf Sharp Stripe tee.

Thank you Morningowls for you tips regarding Key and Minho

First let's start with Key. Obviously, he does not give a darn, and he likes the jungle. His "You're In The Jungle Baby" is by Mark Mcnairy. The Jungle Baby tee is available in white for 400 Danish Krones, here.

Hey there Minho, ready for the Olympics aren't you? His top is the Adidas Bus Tour Graphic tee. Click here for 24.99 pounds to buy.

source: credited, tumblr

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