Perfecto Hoon

An U-kiss find! Another K-pop group we rarely get to post on...I'll try to change that!
This is from their Doradora MV and performances. Hoon wears a biker jacket I've seen before.

I hereby present you the Classic Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket by Schott NYC! That's one long name, but it's the correct name.'s pretty expensive if you want the original. It costs 630$ but then the shipping is free ~ that is if you buy from the original site here.
Kiseop also wore a vest with the same design, but I couldn't find that anywhere...but then again; this look is almost legendary. There are billions of different fashion houses, both grand ones like Versace and off-brand clothing stores. They have remade this design in one or another way ~ just take a look around the internet :)

credits: Schott NYC, NH Media

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