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Hey there, I'm free from school! Finals are done and summer is here~
This post regards the request by marchelynn for BEAST's shirts at their second fan meeting.

We will start from left to right. First off from the trio, Doojoon, welcome. He wears Customellow Aloha print shirt. This can be found here to buy for 168 000 Won. Next we go to Yoseob. His shirt is by the same brand. This one is called Oxford Check dress shirt and is here for 138 000 Won. We complete the trio with Hyunseung. Inside his jacket and hoody lives the Givenchy Floral Silk tee. It is from their 2012 Resort collection and Rihanna has wore the same tee. Can be bought here for 515$.

Hope you enjoyed that and those are the requests.

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Maria :D

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