a little bit more JJ Project

I don't think this was included in the HUUUUGE JJ Project post made not long ago ~
Furthermore this was a request from Jun :) Might have said I'll do this request Monday, but ended up posting SO MUCH I decided to wait with the requests. Sorry for my delay, but I was getting really tired of working with Photo Shop that day ^___^"

Anyways here are, maybe, the last JJ Project finds. We've managed to find almost everything they're wearing actually! To be honest, I saw the shorts in this post already when the 2nd teaser came out...but at that time, I wasn't a blogger here ~

JB is wearing a t-shirt in the MV for Bounce, at promotional pictures and at the live performances (this was requested) from Cassette Playa
Also - Jr wore some shorts from the same brand ~ he also wore them in the MV, at life performances, for promotional pictures and in the teasers. Somebody give these boys some more clothes hahaha. 

Sadly I don't have any buy link for the shorts, but I do have a sold out link to the T-shirt. Please do comment if you have a buy link where the item(s) are still in stock.

credits: Cassette Playa, Daily Projects, JYPE, TV Daily.com
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