Like this like that!

This is a Wonder Girls semi-mega post! There are quite a lot of finds from their Like This performances so I decided just to put it into one larger post ~
some of these are repeats from other artists...but it's the first time I've seen Wonder Girls wear it! :P
Lets just get started like this yo ~

At SBS Inkigayo Hyelim wore a top from Adidas ~ the boys from JJ Project also wore this.

for the exact same performance, Yeeun wore a t-shirt from Joyrich called Favorite Things big tee.

and again, for the same show, Yeeun wore a dress from Gerlan Jeans while receiving their Mutizen Song medal! Yes, she changed her clothes.

Get this one here for 25800 yen and please do read their description of how to buy as an international (non-Japanese) customer if you want to buy it :)

and lastly, in the same Inkigayo performance, rapper Yoobin wore a dress from Joyrich x Giza. This was previously worn by Miss A's rapper Jia ~ starting to think JYPE stylists need some new clothes maybe?

Sadly I still don't have a buy link for this one. Please comment if you have one ~

For another performance of Like This I've found other clothes!

 Maknae Hyelim is wearing a jumper-onepiece called Denim Star Brigade Valerie from Joyrich

If you want this really cute item, then you can get it here for 159000 won

For the same performance leader Sunye wore shirt in the Star Brigade print also from Joyrich

For another performance, maybe Mnet Countdown, maknae Hyelim wore the halter neck peplum dress by Jeremy Scott. This was previously worn by F(x) Sulli in their new Electric Shock MV. Even though it was posted on this blog as the shirt dress, it's the same as this one ~ the difference? Well obviously it's the sleeves or the absence of such. 

credits: Joyrich, JYPE, SBS, Mnet, MBC, Opening Ceremony, Zozotown, Gerlan Jeans, Teknopolice, Jeremy Scott, Adidas

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