Is being pretty everything?

If you really want to know, of course being pretty isn't everything. Just felt like I had to say that :)

I'm perfectly aware about that this is an older find. I just didn't have that many new finds, and I have some old, never-posted finds in my folders. So let's just get them posted already! :)

In her MV for "Is Being Pretty Everything?" Fat Cat wears two really easily spotted dresses! We really need some more Fat Cat on this blog! She's really talented :)
The first dress she is wearing is a bunny print dress from Fleamadonna and their A/W 2011. An old collection meaning the dress has sold out.

The second dress is from Versace's capsule collection for H&M. 
This dress is a limited addition, only available in shops. It is sold out. You can try your luck on Ebay, probably the the only way to get it now. 

credits: H&M, Versace, Fleamadonna, Fat Cat's company, whoever that is

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