Gongchan & CNU's irregular finds!

laughing at my own title right now. I don't know what you're thinking but I'm just thinking "what do I actually mean?" XD hahaha ~
I'm slowly getting tired of B1A4 finds. Surprised? well, I've made 3 post with them by now and I still have one left *sighs*
This is my last for today! I don't want to post more today Never mind posted it anyways ......you're being drowned in posts anyways by now hehe.

Gongchan wore a T-shirt from Daniel Palillo and his Nevermind S/S 2012 collection. Be aware that this shirt is modified by the stylists, who added a crown to the skull.

lol at my lousy screen caps ~ you really have to forgive me for those because I make them A LOT. Like....REALLY a lot XD

Also ~ 
CNU wore a vest from Danish designer Rene Gurskov (God I want to hear the non-scandinavian people who reads this pronounce this XD) 

I'm starting to think that maybe CNU owns this personally. I've seen him wearing it while promoting in Korea.... XD Probably not though ~

and finally another one with Gongchan! Say hello to a rare, perfect screen cap of mine!!

This time he's wearing a hoodie from Mercibeaucoup and their S/S 2012 collection
Key wore this previously, and even though I normally think that whatever Key wears can't be worn by others and look half as nice, Gongchan REALLY rocks this! even more than Key. Don't hate me Shawols, I'm a fellow Shawol!!

The only item I have buy links for is Gongchan's hoodie. You can get it here. 

credits: Pony Canyon, WM Entertainment, Mercibeaucoup, Rene Gurskov, Daniel Palillo
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