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Giza craze!

So for the upcoming issue of Elle Girl, CN Blue's Jonghyun wore a very colorful shirt from Joyrich x Giza.

This design has been used quite a lot lately...
Anyways! You can get it here for 14490 yen (about 184$.)

credits: Elle Girl, Joyrich x Giza, Zozotown.jp

An older find from my folder!
Way back in February, Miss A wore Joyrich X Giza for their Touch come back and their special performance with Over U.

Min wears Joyrich x Giza chain skirt.
Jia wears the Joyrich X Giza dress and biker jacket in white.
I know you can't see Suzy's shirt on the picture, but it's there! She wears the t-shirt. I'm pretty sure her jacket had the Giza-print on the back but I can't find it! 
Finally, Fei who wears the tank top.

no buylink for the dress sadly...you have one? then comment! 

credits: Miss A's official Facebook, Fake Tokyo for buylinks and pictures, Karmaloop for picture of dress

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