Fleamadonna Hill Playa

I have a lot of requests waiting in line...and I have many finds I have to post. Also...and I don't want to spam the blog with 20 posts at one time. Trying to find a good balance here ~ two posts a day seems to be working fairly well.
These finds might be a little old, but I want to get these out of my folders before they become extremely old. :P

So what do I have now? Sunny Hill finds!
Both finds are from Sunny Hill's "when is the white horse coming?".
The first one is from their cover.

One of the members Seungah (Koko's favorite member) wore a dress from Fleamadonna. This has been worn by Orange Caramel in their Bangkok City MV ~
Sadly, I don't have any buy link since it's last season.

And from one of their live performances: 

Kota wore a t-shirt from Cassette Playa. There used to be a buylink to this, but they don't sell it anymore/took it down from their site. :C Apparently this collection, Human Katamari collection, was madly popular. I haven't been able to find many pieces still in stock online! o__o

credit: LOEN Ent., Cassette Playa, Fleamadonna

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