Electric shock f(2)

Lovely tips from Mariel regarding f(x)'s Electric Shock.

Let's start with Amber.

In the music video Amber wears a Rocstar Printed Tank. It has been worn by Joon before. Sadly,  no buy links. 

We follow Amber with Sulli.

She wears a House of Holland Polo Tee Dress in Pastel Leopard Print Silk.
This one unlike the previous one has a buy link. Here at asos for about 350$.

Lastly, both Sulli and Luna.

Sulli wears a Joyrich Rich tank, unavailable to buy. Luna wears a pair of B*tching Junkfood Cross Detail Denim Shorts. Also, unavailable but is retailed for 66 pounds. 

Edit: Here's an image of Sulli and the tank instead of the tee (they have different fabric material). Thank you to Teresa for pointing this out.

Le Korean buylink here.

Thank you for your time.
Thank you Mariel for the tips. ^^

Maria :D

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