B1A4's Beautiful fashion Target

I swear this took me hours to do. Had to make screen caps and find pictures online and buy links and listen to my mother, who suddenly thought I had to do many things hahaha.

So when I opened my facebook, I found this - B1A4 Beautiful Target (Japanese version)! Yay ^__^ I'm a huge fan of them ~ followed them since their first teasers and everything ~
and there are SO many finds....I swear my photo shop is overloading from pictures needing to be edited to use on Kworldstyle.

Lets just get to it, okay? :)

Maknae Gongchan and power vocal Sandeul both wore t-hirts from Lazy Oaf ~

Sandeul is wearing Handful Slob T-shirt 
and Gongchan is wearing Twitcher T-shirt

and hey! Jinyoung also wore the Twitcher T-shirt!

Get Jinyoung & Gongchan's tees here for 30£ - that's less than 50$!

while talking about him ~ Jinyoung also wore another tee, also from Lazy Oaf!
One site is white & happy and the other is black & sad ~ it's reversible so that you can use either one as front! So smart :)

Get Jinyoung's second T-shirt here, called Happy/Sad reversible slob T-shirt, also for 30£/less than 50$

on to the next member! Baro! Baro is also, not surprisingly maybe, wearing a T-shirt from Lazy Oaf. 
Just like B1A4's image, it's colourful and kinda cute. It's called Watercolour slob tee.

actually I think this is a ladies tee xD why? 'cause I found it under the females' section hahaha ~ 
If you want this, you can get it here for the same price as the others. 

I'm not done with the B1A4 finds ~ There are some other finds, but I'm going to post that in a separate post because otherwise this post would become never ending. 

credits: Pony Canyon, WM Entertainment, Lazy Oaf, Mimm Clothing for pictures & buy links.

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