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I have no idea what I'm trying to say with the title! Too many groups mashed into one title = messy. Good thing most people aren't here for our titles lol ~

This is actually a request from kfrn. I found this quite easy since I've worked a lot with this brand in the last couple of days. I just didn't get to post it because of various reasons >_< Anyway, here it is! (better a little late than never, right?) and it might be a nice break from all the F(x) posts since not all readers are F(x) fans :)

Infinite's Sunggyu wore these pants in white on his way to the airport or something similar.
Exo-M's Tao wore these pants in black at the Exo Showcase.
Which pants? Daniel Palillo Totem print jogging pants from his Never Mind S/S 2012 collection.

Sadly the only buy link I have is sold out. But still, here it is, maybe they get to restock in the future (doubt it though). I'm sorry that I use so many Japanese buy links; I speak Japanese so they seem very natural for me. Please tell me if I have to search for English/more international buy links :). It's just that they have so many of the things I need in Japan XD.

credits: Woolim Ent., SM Ent., Daniel Palillo, pictures as watermarked, Radd Lounge 

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