2NE1 Screams for Balmain

Requested by: Sheryl

To be honest this is an older find, which I found in my folders while cleaning them up after starting here at Kworldstyle. I decided to post it and then, while casually looking through the requests, I saw a request on Park Bom's dress! Further more Katherine replied to the request. Thus I'll treat this as a tip, even though I knew this find before hand :)

If you haven't realized by the title or by reading to this point, this is a 2NE1 find. 
From their first Japanese album 2NE1 Collection 2NE1 wore the Balmain resort 2012 collection from head to toe. Like, literally. 
So lets just take it from an end to another ~

CL: Balmain jacket and pants

Bom: strapless dress

Sandara: leather skinny pants + embellished jacket

Bom's pumps are Balmain-ish also, but I couldn't find them anywhere - I only found the boots. Also; Minzy is obviously also wearing Balmain resort 2012 collection, but I couldn't find her shirt ANYWHERE!
I don't have any buylinks. Balmain has become very popular lately, so it's mostly sold out. It's really expensive anyways XD

credits: Balmain, YGEX, YG Ent.

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