The Spikey Headband

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Thank you Eliza, Helen, Onew, Ally-kat and Nikki for images and info.

So, you're pretty eager to know where it is from no? Ok, then I'll just jump right to it. The headband is from Korean accessory brand Vintage Hollywood. This particular piece is nameAmazing Grace Pink Statue of Liberty Stud Hairband. You can buy it here for 39 800 Won. If anyone knows if the company ships internationally or have any other information please leave a comment.

The stars whom wears this piece includes NU'EST's Ren, SNSD's Seohyun, Jihyun of 4minute, T-ara's Jiyeon as Rian during Dream High and Fat Cat.

Credits: those listed above and Vintage Hollywood

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EDIT: ndg provided us with a similar headband that Urban Outfitters supplied.
The studs on this one are gold instead of silver. Here is the link.

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