A Pitching Star

Jessica's pitch is one that rivals Mariah Carey's baseball pitch.
This is a SNSD post specifically Jessica of her outfit at her opening pitch at Paldo Pro.

SNSD's Jessica looks great and in great form trying to throw the ball properly but sadly fails at it. Luckily, she has good sportsmanship and even laughs at her own attempt. Her fuzzy pink glove gives a girly feeling and so do her kicks. They are Adidas Climacool Seducation in pink. Her jeans are Calvin Klein Rinse skinny jeans. The shoes are available here for 99.99$ at Footlocker. Her pants are available here for 49$ at Calvin Klein's online shop.

Credits: Soshistyling for shoes, soompi, Footlocker and Calvin Klein Jeans

Maria :D

Go under the cut for one of the greatest celebrity pitches.

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