new writer Ninillie here~

Hello everybody! I'm Ninillie and I'm an all new writer here at Kworldstyle :)
I was running another K-pop blog (koreanpopstyling), but my only partner left me alone after 1-2 weeks. Since I couldn't get new writers, I just decided to close it. Then Koko contacted me, asking me if I would like to become a writer here instead ~
So here I am. I'll do my best to become a good writer who finds good finds ^__^ Please take good care of me.

My first post here on Kworldstyle is going to be with A Pink ~
some other finds from this comeback was posted earlier, but I realized two items had been left out.

For their latest comeback "Une Annee" A Pink's Hayoung wore StarStyling's Points sweater in white.

Also ~ Naeun wore Fleamadonna's Cool half top 

Mitch posted on her skirt and Chorong's look here

You can get Hayoung's sweater here for 120€ (roughly 150$) at StarStyling's own shop and Naeun's top here for 123,000 won (about 105$) at Fleamadonna's shop.

I hope I did everything right here >__<" please excuse me if I did something wrong

credits: A Cube Entertainment, Fleamadonna, StarStyling
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