Monster Versace!

This was, to me, so obvious that I simply couldn't stop seeing it. Actually it was the first thing I saw rather than the blazer, which cheated me (thought it was something, which is seemed it wasn't. That's a different story).

For their upcoming special edition of Alive, called MonsterBig Bang has released a bunch of teasers ~ the first video teaser was with TOP and a picture followed a long with it.
The thing is, I'm apparently pretty eagle-eyed, 'cause what I spotted was the shirt UNDERNEATH his blazer ~

TOP is wearing an absolutely colorful and, I think, rather stunning shirt from Versace S/S 2012 collection ~ I know Versaces collections PRETTY well, so this was obvious for me. After all I do like European high-end and couture brands a lot. 
I don't have a buylink's apparently too colorful, so many online shops don't have it? I honestly don't know...but if you live in a big city, go to your local Versace store or clothing store that might have Versace ^__^ If somebody has a buylink, please comment on this post. Thanks!

and by the way. I have some 2NE1 finds, which I actually had posted at my former blog, which is now closed - you want me to post them? :)

woops ~ forgot credits when posting originally XD
credits: YG Ent., Naver, Versace

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