Captain Taemin

This is a request post from Summer.
This is on Taemin's hat at the Osaka airport back to South Korea.

I hope you guys like this post.
Lately, I have been looking through the requests. I apologize if i don't get to yours...yet.

Anyway, the request is on Shinee's Taemin's cap. He wears a cap from their 2010 Tokidoki x Marvel collection. This hat is sold out but is priced at 38$. The cap features cartoon Captain America serving Tokidoki food characters. The underbelly has other Marvel characters. 

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Dramas and variety shows do not have their own tag unless there has been 3 posts on them. Also, they cannot be discontinued so the tag can live on.

I found the quest for the spiky headband. I know many stars who have worn this piece. I am collecting pictures so I can put it in one post. If anyone can comment with a link with a star wearing this piece, I would be very grateful.

Credits: Summer for the image, Strictly Fitteds

Maria :D

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