The Biggest of Girl's Days

Hey. I got a message on Facebook asking for us to ID Girl's Day's Oh My GOD! MV clothes. You guys do know we have a requests tab on the blog right? Please file your requests there in the correct format.

But, just to get this ridiculous easy stuff out of the way... (A bunch of blogs, including Wonnie and Ninillie's have posted a good portion of this post, so yeah, we're just doubling it? So it's all easy and in the same place).

In Girl's Day's Oh! My God! MV, Hyeri wore MimicAWE's UNGJEE MTM/OR sweatshirt and Yura wore MimicAWE's UNGJEE MTM/GY sweatshirt.

You can buy Yura's here and Hyeri's here.  

Okay, moving on!

In the same MV, Minah wore MimicAWE's Rugby Pang Jumper.

Buy here.


Jihae slung a Power Toboru MTM/Purple sweatshirt from MimicAWE around her waist.

Buy here.


Minah wore MCM Stark Visetos in medium red.

Supposedly, you can get it here with a discount if you type "ordered from kworldstyle" into the note box. Then again, this was information given via a comment so I'm not sure how legit it is... If you don't want to order from there, you can always order from here.


Minah also wore El Stinko's Military cap 037.

Buy here (you can find it under the El Stinko category).

Jihae wore El Stinko's Fitted Cap 033.

Buy here (you can find it under the El Stinko category).

Yura wore Adidas X Jeremy Scott's JS Leopard shoes.

Buy here.

Hyeri wore Adidas Original's M Attitude purple white logo trainers.

Buy here.

Ohmygod this post took SO long. Worship me.


Credits: Laykuni shop, jswingsuk, bonanza, d6korea, hatson, ionicorder, mimicAWE, Adidas Originals, Jeremy Scott, MCM, Dream Tea
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