2 Hyori Finds: Stars & Green Highlighter

From the title, you can guess this is a Lee Hyori post.
It is two different finds but in one post to save space? ... nope... it's the internet. Well...then just because.

1) Stars
The first find involves Lee Hyori's campaign with Puma. You will think everything in her advertisement is Puma but it is not. Luckily, the brand also fills in my tag for House of Holland. The tights she wears above is named Superstar Black Tights. Usually able to buy for 15 pounds however, there is none.

2) Green Highlighter

The second and final find involves an awesome green highlighter lace dress, words that do not usually mesh together. Lee Hyori hosts the show You & I. On the tenth episode this MSGM dress is featured. Asos lists this as Sleeveless Lace Dress With Full Skirt and at 339.20$ here.  It is a sleeveless semi-sheer lace highlighter green dress. The details include two patch pockets with a fitted waist

That is all!
Hope you enjoyed that or this!

Credits: tumblr, soompi, asos and House of Holland for the images

Maria :D

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