Sorry Sorry Sorry

*does dance*

Tip from Eliza

I'm late guys. I'm late. I'm sorry. I ditched the blog for school... Well, that's pretty reasonable in my opinion, it's not like I was ditching you guys to have fun.

Semester is wrapping up, my grades are laughable. Really. Ridiculous. Here are some tips I have to knock out of the way, I'm going to be pretty tip dependent for a while until I can stop failing so hard at school.

In the Sherlock promotional pictures, Shinee's Jonghyun sported this tribal print tee from Joyrich. (The picture I used isn't the tee, because I can't get good sized images of the shirt).

I also don't have a buylink. If you have one, please do be so kind as to comment.

Also, one of our readers sent in an email asking us to link to her video so she can hopefully get some views. She's trying to win a contest to go to Korea! If you have time, please check her out. Open in another tab to ensure she gets views~ :P


Credit: Eliza, Joyrich, Sment
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