WHOOOOOO Third post for today~

This find is ridiculously easy. It's already been posted by every other fashion blog I even vaguely follow, but I'm doing it anyway because we don't love soshi enough on this blog (*scoff* yeah right, Koko is a huge stinkin' sone).

Don't stone me for putting this up even though it's already been found. It's just so OBVIOUS.


In the MV for TaeTiSeo's Twinkle, Seohyun wore Galliano's all over sequin dress and Joyrich X Giza's multi geometric jersey skirt.

Here's the dress and here's the skirt.

Joyrich is the most overworn brand in kpop and her dress actually says "GALLIANO" in bright sparkly letters on her chest. How could I possibly not post that. =.=


Credits: Galliano, Joyrich X Giza, Dolls kill (for buylink), Sment
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