It seems that my once daily posts have turned into once every other day posts. *sigh* I hope you guys can be understanding for a bit. There will be a huge spam every once in a while when I'm feeling guilty for breaking my New Years promise.

But nevertheless, I still need to get into college, so it has to be done.

EDIT: OKOKOK BIG SIKE! I was wrong, fixing it all now. Ugh, I told you I should have looked longer. Stylenanda does a lot of ripoffs.

At EXO-M's Nettease interview, Kris wore Ashed-Black's Lion Tee

You can buy it here.

What else is there to say?  I make too many mistakes nowadays. *sighs* Kai to make up for it I guess.

Sorry about all the excessive EXO too...


Credits: smtown @fb (for images), ashed-black, nettease
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