I owe you guys seven posts now, I'm pretty sure. Hopefully I can reduce that number soon. Typing on the computer is still a pain in the butt... This post took WAY too long.

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At Lee Seok Hoon's Ten Ten Radio on March 28th (2012), Shinee's Jonghyun wore Stussy's solid navy varsity jacket and Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals' JS Tee (Kowabunga).

Jacket here and tee here.

I'm trying to catch up with the Shinee and EXO, but the sheer quantity of it is sort of blowing my mind. I really need this SMtownness to stop or I'm going to explode either out of happiness or sheer overwhelm...ness? That's definitely not a word, but whatever.

Credits: Stussy, Adidas Originals, Jeremy Scott, Sment, TenTen Radio, Prince Choi Minho @SFI (for images), SBS via almightykeybeom @ Twitter
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