EXO help

Whoa whoa whoa guys! Calm down! After I made the post on Chanyeol's hoodie yesterday I got a flood of tips for Suho's pants. Do you really think I would miss something that isn't only the same brand, but the same print?

Too many people sent this, and I was planning on putting it up anyway, so I'm not going to tip anyone... I'm sorry! I don't have a year to do like, fifteen banners. Next time okay? I promise!

EXO-K's Suho wore KTZ's MSI print pants from their S/S 2012 Pre collection for the Korean "History" music video.

Uwah! I like it so much!

Get the pants here.

Honestly, we need tips on the EXO boys, I'm trying to get accustomed to their style, so I'm a bit slow. We'll see~ If you send us an EXO tip, I'll be sure to put it up immediately!


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