Sweat Yuri?

Maria here
I recently came back here and into kpop.
I found out SNSD was on Letterman, good for them ^^
So this is a SNSD post.

The image above was taken while SNSD was leaving Letterman. Yuri looking extremely pleased wore a Sandro Sweat Sacramento sweater...Yes Sweat. At first I thought it was sweet...so I made the title "Sweet Yuri," but now it is "Sweat Yuri." Sandro is a French clothing brand that sells this for 75 Euros here

Credits: kpopconcerts, polyvore

Maria :D

Everyone must thank Koko for keeping this blog alive!

Note: From my last post.
"One last note: I have been away from kpop for months so I do not know what's going on except for something called Exo? and the things from the requests. If anyone has suggestions on telling me who is "in" right now and which websites provides the best news that would be wonderful.

I lied, another last note: There will be contests coming up!"

The post before was supposed to be the last post for tonight but I was just too excited to post this. ><
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