Problems and Popping

Remember how I had computer problems so I was gone for like, a month.

Yeah. My computer is a total dipwad.

Anyway, I scheduled a bunch of posts, but for some reason my computer decided to have a seizure and not communicate them to blogger. So whether or not this post actually decides to go up is a complete gamble. I've been trying for a while now.

By the way. I have in fact seen your tips guys, I have to get to them. It took over fifteen minutes just to write what I have so far for this post. That's how often my computer freezes.

OLD highly demanded request from May and a couple people who sent us e-mails.

Remember guys, we HAVE a request tab, please, post requests there, we don't pay attention to the constant request emails we get.

(click to enlarge)

Anyway, In 4minute's Hyuna's Bubble Pop Music Video, she wore a tight, blue floral dress from Forever 21.

Unfortunately, because I'm a lazy bum, this post is also mindblowingly late. I actually figured it out the day that the music video came out and for some reason, I just never put it up.

*Hangs head in shame*

Check Ebay or Gmarket to buy this baby. It's no longer in stores.

Just to express how slow this computer is being. It took an hour to upload that image.


Credits: Forever 21, Cube
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